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Safe, environmentally friendly demolition services in Ottawa and surrounding regions

Occasionally, property damage may be too extensive to be fixed by repairs. In cases like these, partial or complete demolition of the building structure is the safest and most cost-effective plan of action for homeowners and commercial property owners in and around Ottawa, CA. 


Leave your property’s demo to experienced professionals

When you’re completely rebuilding your property, you need the existing structure demolished first. Demolition results in tonnes of construction waste like wood, drywall, concrete, insulation, shingle tiles and more, that needs to be properly disposed off. 

Improper demolition can also result in releasing microscopic asbestos fibres from any contaminated surfaces present within the structure, resulting in serious health concerns for both the construction team and the future occupants. 


Clean demolition services for residential and commercial properties in Ottawa

We have the industry expertise and tools needed to assess and perform safe, environmentally friendly demolitions for properties of all sizes in Ottawa. 

As designated environmental contractors, we follow responsible demolition protocols to ensure that your property is safely dismantled and all hazardous materials are disposed of in ways that result in no lasting damage to the surrounding ecosystem. 

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